New Year's Eve

So it has already been a year. Looking back, I have had some of the most amazing experiences this year. I survived junior year/senior year (and summited most of my apps), I went on tour with Rod Stewart and my dad, I've cried a river, I've laughed like no one is watching, I made dance team, I have made new friends...I have just experienced so many new things. I have grown so much as a person from each and every experience. There are many things that I wish I could have changed like starting my SATs earlier to better the score or doing things ahead of time so my mom wouldn't get upset at me. But life goes on and all we can do is make better decisions in the future. This year has honestly gone by so fast and it scares me how fast life is. So be thankful for every moment and try to do things so you don't regret them. And live life with a smile or it will flash by. Thank you for everyone in my life. I am ready for changes next year and decisions for college. I'm ready to start something new and make new experiences. Happy New Year to everybody.

もう一年がたった。かんがえてみれば、今年すっごくたくさんあたらしいことをエクスピリアンスできた。学校の3年/4年をいきてけた、大学のappsをやった、Rod Stewartのツーアにトシはつれてってくれた、いっぱいないたし、いっぱいわらった、学校のダンスチームにはいれた、あたらしい友達をたくさんつくれた。ちょっとずつ、せいちょうしてくる。もちろんたくさんなことをえてたいよ:SATをもっと早くはじめてたらもっといいセイセキをとれたし、あ〜ちゃんに言われたことをちゃんとやっとけばよかったとか。でも、人生はすすんでくばっかりだから、つぎからきよつけないと。今年は怖いぐらい早かった。人生は早いからいっつもありがたいきもちをわすれないようにして、こうかいしないようにしないと。わらっていきていくのは一番。るいかの友達と家族みんな、ありがとう。来年はたのしみだよ!チェンギがほしい。大学のはぴゅうもあたらしいエクスピリアンス。おしょうがつ、おめでとう!


The Month of Thanksgiving

I know Thanksgiving isn't for a long time. But personally, I wanted to dedicate this month to trying to be thankful for all the little things that we take for granted. I am so thankful for my friends and family and people that truly care about me. However, I am so grateful for my health and the health of the people around me. I'm thankful that I am able to see and hear and touch and feel. I need to keep in mind the luxury of that, because it is something so special.




This weekend, I went to the Wiz Kalifa concert at the Ventura theatre. Rap music isn't really my style, but I went there with my friends on a party bus instead of going to homecoming. I was a good show, but it made me realize how much teens don't care about hearing loss. The speakers were so loud and I was on the elevated part of the first floor. Still, the vibrations were intense and after my one friend and I were the only two people out of 50 on the bus that noticed that our ears were ringing. Throughout the concert, I had to cover my ears to give them a break. One of the people jokingly mentioned bringing earplugs to the concert; but I wish I had! Teens just care about their looks and their feelings at the raw moment. Even I feel this way and I wouldn't wear ear plugs alone; however, if everybody would take preventative measures, it would be a normal thing. Both before and after the concert, we blasted music in the party bus also, I wish that there was a way to spread the message. Living in the moment is good at the time, but in the long run, it will do damage.

こん週末、Wiz Kalifaて言ったラッパーのコンサートに行った。ラップ音楽はあんまりるいかのスタイルではないけど、友達と学校のホームカミングの代わりにいた。いいショウだったけど、どんなにティーネイジャーは難聴のことを考えないってよくわかった。スピーカーのヴォリュムはとってもうるさかった。50人でパティーバスをかりて行ったけど、るいかともう一人に子しかおわったあと、耳はなってるってきがつかなかった。一人の子はふざけて、耳せんをもってくればよかったって言ったけど。るいかは本当に思った。ティネージャはじぶんのかっこうとか今の楽しみしか考えてない。るいかも一人で耳栓するのもやだもん。でも、みんなはやってくれると、ふつうになる。コンサートのあともまた音楽をうるさくきいてかえった。今のたのしみも大切だけど、ずうっときよつけないと、耳を損傷するよ。


School, college, life, ahhhh!!!!

So I'm still up finishing up my homework. Since senior year has started, I have barely left my house on the weekends. It's hard seeing some of my friends having fun and going out while I have to stay home, but I have to. It's the consequence of my actions. So basically I've completely slacked my four years in high school and mostly this summer. Slacked as in college stuff, not school, I've always had to do well in school or it would bother me. I knew I HAD to go to college, but I didn't want to, so I was never fully motivated. I did everything last minute when absolutely necessary.
It was only until a few weeks ago that I was forced into looking at colleges and I found one that I really came to like. Being a very tough school to get into, I frantically started studying for my SATs, which was Saturday. I don't know how I did, considering, I studied very last minute, but I hope my score went up from last time. I'm currently studying for the next one just in case; it's weird being one of the only seniors still taking the SATs after October. Hopefully it goes well though, and I get into the college.
All I can say is: Study for the SAT/ACT early even if you don't want to! You might change your mind :)




Recently, my dad has been buying lots of headphones/speakers for the house, his job, and his own pleasure. He hesitantly let me listen to them, although he loves his new toys. The sound is wonderful. Over the last few years, technology really has stepped it up. Mostly everyone loves live music and now technology has evolved itself to mimic the sound of live concerts. It's really amazing. Everything from the sound direction and vibrations to the raw sounds. Closing your eyes, and you can almost visualize it. But it is that "live" sound that people want to hear. It's absolutely gorgeous. But concerts have the atmosphere and the experience that cannot be duplicated by speakers.



John Mayer

On the 22nd, I went to a John Mayer concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Honestly, it was the best concert I have EVER been to. The opening was Owl City and they were also very good. John's talent however was breathtaking. I could not move in my seat because I was mesmerized by him. His voice and his guitar. And his band was also very veryyyy talented. I definitely want to go to many more of his shows. And for anyone else reading this, GO! It is beyond amazing!

22 日にJohn MayerのHollywood Bowlのコンサートにいった!本当に、すばらしかった。るいかはいったコンサートの中で、一致版すきだった。オーペニングバンドはOwl Cityで、その人たちもよかった。でも、John Mayerのタレントはすごかった。セキからうごけなかったもん、すごすきて、ことばなかった、声とギータ。バンドもよかったし。ぜったい、またいっぱいJohnのコンサートに行きたい!これを読んでたら、ぜってい、いったほうかいいと思うよ。



I've been home for a 3 days now. Still trying to get over the jet lag. But this tour has been the best experience ever. I have gotten so close with my dad because we spent so much time together, which is unusual for us because my 3 weeks is his whole life. I really respect his work and everyone's work. Everyone plays a part in making a breathtaking show. I have a new appreciation for concerts now because I know the process in making it. I have learned so much, met some wonderful people, and went to the most beautiful places. It was and will forever be an unforgettable experience. These are only a few of the many moments captured. Thank you to everyone who was a part of it .



Malta was the last added place on the 2010 UK tour. It was absolutely beautiful! The hotel was gorgeous and everything about the place was just stunning. Beautiful weather, architecture, oceans, people, everything. The show was outdoors and I worked the merchandise booth because one of the locals didn't show up. Great experience :)

マルタは2010UK tourのさいごのばしょだった。とっても、きれいだったよ。ホテルも、てんきも、ブルも、海も、人も、ぜんぶすてきだった。そとのカイジョうできもちよかった。るいかはここではたらいたよ!お金までつくった!人たりなかったから、サツとかうるのをてつだったの。いいけいけんだった。


Exploring Malta

The view from the Hotel balcony
Private Beach

Katja (saxophone player) (サックス プレアー)

Bridget and Lorelei (backup vocals) (バックアップ ヴォカル)
Conrad (bass player) (ベース プレアー)

Last Show♡



Dublin was the last show with all the crew and my best friend who I met on the tour, Ben. We did everything together because his dad works too and he tagged along also. It was so sad saying bye to the people I got close with. 3 weeks felt like 3 years because we were all with each other all the time. It was a good show though and I'm happy I got to spend time with good people. It was also the last day on the tour bus which I really enjoyed. It was so much fun.


My daddy came up on the screen!

Behind the stage

Wardrobe room

On the tour bus, upstairs on where the bunks are.

I drew this behind my backstage pass
Ben and I waiting for the show to start



Today my dad, Lisa, and I went to the city of London to look around and do some shopping. It was exciting and the site seeing and everything. Lisa really showed us around. It was a good day off :)


Glasgow Arena

We were in Glasgow for 5 days and had 4 shows. I definitely think that this was the best crowd so far. And it was half standing so that made it really exciting. I met a lot of new people here too. I am having so much fun :)


Behind the FOH

Ben and I during the show

Ben's friends and his friend's friends. But now were all friends



Today I went with the person who does wardrobe, Lisa, to get her tattoo in Glasgow on our day off. It looks really great and its meant for her boyfriend. I was really happy to be able to experience that with her even though it made me want one even more! i really want one. but she tells me to really think about it and be more than positive about what i want so i dont regret it. words of wisdom. It was really fun.