Marlee Matlin

I just came back from an event at my school, where Marlee Matlin was the guest speaker. I love her now, and after hearing her, I am a huge fan. And I did not know who she was until today. She is a deaf actress who has played in roles such as Desperate Housewives, ER, Law & Order, CSI, and her most famous role was in Children of a Lesser God which granted her a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Drama and an Academy Award for Best Actress. Her life was very fascinating. But what has really made her such an inspiration is her hard work and dedication into something she loved, even when there were people that said no. She just kept saying yes. She is the definition of "anything is possible." Who knew that a deaf actress would be so successful. I admire her so much and she is now one of my idols. Anybody who has the willpower to stay strong and fight for what they believe in, deserves her success.
When she was on Dancing With the Stars, she said that the judges kept telling her what an inspiration she is and even if she would mess up, they would keep in account that she was deaf. But she said, "No it isn't because I'm deaf, I have always been deaf, I messed up because I messed up." Since they only commented on what was on the surface, she wanted to tell people her thoughts and feelings so she wrote a book. Well she's written many, but her autobiography. I reallllly want to read it, so hopefully I can save up for it. Oh but on Dancing with the Stars, since she is deaf, she said she did not feel the music from the vibrations on the floor, but that she memorized the steps and her partner was her music. I kind of thought that was similar to a concert. Although you do feel the vibrations, its the whole crowd is what gets you pumped and creates the atmosphere.
Really though, if you want to get to know her people check out her website. She really did inspire me, and hopefully there are more people that can be inspired by people like her.


SYTYCD season 6


So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 started! Right now I'm watching the Phoenix auditions. I was truly moved by hearing impaired, contemporary dancer, Allison Becker. When she was little, she had meningtis and doctors said that she would wither die or become deaf from the illness. She says that she is very grateful to be deaf. She mostly feels the music through vibrations rather than by listening. Her audition was to "You Found Me" by The Fray and it was absolutely beautiful and timing was perfect, so you could tell she was feeling the music. You would not have been able to tell she was hearing impaired if they didn't tell us. Judge, Mary Murphy, was touched by the performance because of her own experiences with a hearing impaired cousin. She made it into choreography and also got her ticket to Vegas. Just by auditioning, she became an inspiration to so many hearing impaired people because she proved that with hard work, almost anything is possible.

So You Think You Can Dance のシイゾン6は始まったよ!今はPhoenix, Arizonaのオウヂションを見てる。アリソン ベカーは耳は聞こえない、コンテンパリーダンサーなの。小さいとき、メニングチスって言うびようきはあって、おいしゃさんはロウになるか死ぬって、言われた。アリソンロウにらって、ありがたいって言ってた。音楽聞くために、シンドウでかんじるって。オウヂションはThe Frayの"You Found Me" をおどって。すっごくきれいで、タイミングもちゃんとできてたから、音楽を本当にかんじてるってわかる。耳はきこえないって、アリソンは言わなかったら、おどりで、をからなかった。ジャッジにマリーマフィーはパフォーマンスからえいきょうされた。その人のイトコもロウだったから。アリソンはコリオグラフィーにいって、ラスヴェガスまでうかった!オウヂションするだけて、たくさんの耳は聞こえない人のインスパレーションになった。すきなことをドリョクすると、すべてのことはできるって。


KILLERS concert

Wow i just came back from The Killers concert and it was so bomb! I went with my mom since a friend of ours was nice enough to get us tickets because he works with them. It was fantastic. Other than the music, I thought that the lighting was really terrific. What I realized is interesting is the set change between the opening act and the actual band. They totally make the stage look different and for this show, the curtains were open so I got to see the whole process. It's crazy thinking how many people are involved in one show and how without each and every person (as well as the audience) shows would not be possible.


Sia- Soon We'll Be Found

The music video foe the song "Soon We'll Be Found" by Sia, is done in American Sign Language. It's very beautifully made and creative. She doesn't only use sign language, but uses hands and the body to express the lyrics as well. Check it out HERE :)
She also has a LIVE version of it.

Siaの"Soon We'll Be Found"のPVはASLをつかってるよ。すっごくキレイにつくられてて、クキエーチブだと思う。ASLいがいに、手と体をつかって、カシをみせてるよ。Check it out HERE :)


21st Summer Deaflympics

Yesterday was the start of the Summer Deaflympics! This year, it is held in Taipei City. This competition has a wide variety of (20) games such as badminton, bowling, cycling, football, karate, shooting, table tennis, water polo, etc. In order to be able to participate in the Deaflympics, a person's better ear has to have a hearing loss of over 55 decibels. More than 4000 athletes from 81 countries are competing. I wish good luck to all. And for further information or scores, check out the site!