Wow finally the weekend!!! My first day of school was Wednesday. It was really nice having a fresh new start but with all the things that are gonna go on this year like actually hard classes and SAT/ACT prep. Oh god. How am I gonna survive? I'm planning to do really good this year but who knows whatll happen. I might even quit school, or the earth might explode. Oh no the Myans said that would be in 2012. Haha. But the point is, I'm just trying to keep an open mind this year. I think its gonna help me with my school work and anything in my life. Cuz life is just full of full of possibilities. But its also gonna help me with meeting new people and everything. Oh well I just know that I have to wake up at 6 every morning. Grrrreat... And 6 hours of homework and infinity hours of homework asnd studying. Welcome school year 2009-2010. Please don't be too difficult.


New way of LIFE

So I started this "new way of life" not too long ago. I believe it started when I took a look at Jason Mraz's blog and I was so inspired. He has all these amazing thoughts about life and happiness and in many of his entries, I saw that he used one small idea and put his analysis and take on it and expanded the thought. Very inspiring man.

Well basically I felt a very strong connection because I used to think the way he does before, and then society comes in and I slowly felt myself altering to clone in. And of course I'm still me and always will be me, but I thought it was time to head back to being completely myself rather than doing thing everyone else does. Because I really like being myself.

I try to find happiness in any little thing and say thank you and have gratitude for everything. It just makes me a happier person than I already am. And ever since I started thinking this way, I haven't been jealous of other people. I haven't wanted what other people have, because I am content with what I have. I've learned that trying to be another person isn't going to make you that person, because deep down, you are always yourself.

Right now, I'm writting this blog. I really don't know who will read it, but it makes me happy to share my thoughts. I'm on my dining room table, home alone, watching the shadows of the curtains making funny shapes on my wall. I feel the light breeze coming in and I just finished my homework that I have been procrastinating on for ages. I also have my guitar next to me, which goes by the name of Sammy. And I'm in a state of such happiness. I feel like nothing can bother me and I'm calm and relaxed. Life is so beautiful.

My new motto in life is: TO LEARN AND INSPIRE. Because all the information in our knowledge come from someone or somewhere and if we have good thoughts then I think people should not be selfish share them and teach others.


るいかはちょっと前にジンセイの新しい考え方をみつてた。Jason Mrazのブログをみつけて、すっごくカンドウしたの。Jasonはたくさんジンセイとシアワセのアイデアはある。一つのアイデアをずうっとはなせるの。るいかにすっごくインスパレーションをくれて。



今ブログをかいてて、だれは読ユムかもしらないけど、じぶんの思ったことをカケテありがたい。テイブルにすわって、一人でおるすばんしてて、カーテンのカゲを見てる。そとのカゼをちょっとかんじて、ずうっとやげってたシュクダイをおわらしたし、サッミって名前をつけたギターはとなりだし、すごくしあわせ。リラックスして、だあれもジャマしないし。Life is so beautiful.

るいかの新しいmottoは:LEARN AND INSPIRE。(ならって、おしえる)。考えとかしってることはどこか、だれけからおそわってから。いい思いとかアイデアはあったら、ちがく人におしえると、もっとたくさんの人はhappyになれると思う。




Daughtry: No Surprise

Yesterday I went to a Daughtry concert with my best friend at the Music Box @ Fonda Theatre. It was incredible! We had balcony seats, but the security let us secretly go to the floor seats that weren't for sale. We were sooo close to him, about 8 feet or so. I even caught his guitar pick! But I gave that to my friend because she really wanted it, and after the show, I was looking down and found another one from the bass player. I was so happy. This was my friend's first concert and she had a blast. I was really happy I got to experience it with her. She says now she wants to take her boyfriend to a concert. Seriously, concerts are very addicting and you want more people you love to feel the joy and the raw music with you. And it was my first experience of being at the all-standing floor area. Everyone was really sweaty and my feet were throbbing after, but it was totally worth it. When everyone listens to the same music together, we all forget about that and concentrate on the sounds and vibrations. It's quite amazing, if i may say :)

昨日友達とMusic Box @ Fonda TheatreでDaughtryのコンサートを見たよ。すばらしかった。バルコニーのシートだったけど、セキュリチーの人はヒミツでうってないフロアのとこに、いれさしてくれた。Daughtryにすっごくちかかった、8ftぐらい。グターピックをとったよ!!!!でも、友達はすっごくほしがってたからあげて、ショウはおわったとき、下むいてたらベイスの人のピックをみつけた。うれしかった!友達のサイショのコンサートだった。一緒にいけてよかった。ボイフレンドをつぎつれてきたいって言ってたよ。コンサートはほんとうにもっといきたくらるものだとるいかは思う。好きな人と一緒にたのしみとナマの音楽を聞きたくなる。このコンサートはるいかのハジメテのスタンヂングだった。みんなアセをかいてたしアシもいたかったけど、みんなはヒトツになって音とシンドウをかんぎると、そんなことわすれられる。すごいと思う。



So, I was wasting some time on youtube today. I think I was searching Jason Mraz songs and then came upon his song "Lucky" covered in sign language. As I scrolled down in the "related videos" I saw that there are numerous amounts of people that cover songs in sign language. I thought that was so neat. I never knew people did that. I'm thinking of using the songs to improve my ASL because I learn a lot better with music. My JSL teacher used to teach me a song every lesson, and it was so much fun.

今日youtubeでJason Mrazのウタを見てたら、"Lucky"は手話でカバーしてあった。"Related videos"の下をみてたら、たくさん手話のカバーの歌はあった。おもしろいと思った。ASLをならうためにも、いいな〜って思った。音楽あったほうがるいかはおぼえられるから。るいかのJSLの先生は前、いっつも一つ曲をおしえてくれたよ。たのしい、おぼえるほうほうだと思う。



Today I went to the beach with a bunch of my friends. I had a great time, except for the part in the end where i got my face burned bright red, how embarrassing. But that's not the point. The point is how i took some time to appreciate sounds. Like the waves crashing, a seagulls call, the whispering wind, the rush of the sand...all the sounds that make a beach a beach, even on tv they incorporate that. And when i laid down to tan in the sand, beside from all the conversations going on with friends, and cars, i was so thankful for the noises of the beach. but if you go into being thankful, im also thankful for the smell of the salt, the feel of the sand in my toes, even the icky taste of the freezing cold water. Those are the things that detect a beach for even someone who is blind or closes their eyes. Oh and today I was cleaning and I realized that I actually like the sound of a vacuum cleaner. I always used to think it was an annoying sound, but when I analyzed it, it's kinnda like a harmony, all the high notes and the low notes singing together. And dance class, it would be very difficult for me to dance without music and very difficult to sing in the shower and around my house if i could not hear. I feel like many days I am not thankful for many things because it just comes naturally and I take it for granted. And some days, like today for instance, I like to just let the sounds surround me and be thankful for sound, noise, music, note, pitch, tone, vibration, voice, whatever you want to call it.


San Fran :)

So I just came back from a visit to San Francisco. My dad had 2 days off of work so we went over and visited him. It was a ridiculously long 6+ hour drive, thanks to my mommy, but it was really fun and we don't usually go on long road trips, ever. The city of San Fran was beautiful. I think I got to experience and see the steepest roads of my life. And of course the Golden Gate Bridge. OHHHHHH my gosh, Berkeley!!!! It was gjksfnojndsworsn amazing! It was a complete hippy city and I fell in love. Some of my friends are going to that university so i'm totally jealous. The city was just so laid back and beautiful! But the family time was really great.