Alice in Wonderland

My friend invited me to go see her ballet show a few days ago. Her studio put on an original version of the Alice in Wonderland ballet. It was really cute. All the costumes and the dancing. While i was watching I started thinking of how difficult for me it is to dance to classical music compared to music with lyrics. You really have to play attention to the beat of the music. Especially to choreograph to. But music itself is so inspirational.



R.I.P Michael Jackson

Today (well technically yesterday) the king of pop, Michael Jackson died. This was breaking news today and all the t.v. channels ever talked about. He had a tour coming up also. It was a shock of his sudden death at age 50.
Michael Jackson was such an amazing singer, dancer, and performer. He has been an inspiration to soooo many people for ages. Like Elvis and The Beatles, he is legendary and will always be remembered.



Fun Fact: Accents

Just like accents in verbally spoken languages, there are different ways of signing a word in different locations. I remember my JSL teacher taught me that there are different ways of signing McDonald's in different places. I thought that was pretty neat.



Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!!!
Thank you Dadda for working really hard and loving our family. I love you so much!!!!! Your a great dad and friend :)




Today is the last day of sophomore year. Next year I'm a junior. That's crazy. Through all the good and bad times, this year went by so fast. It kinda scares me. And next year I'm gonna have to work really hard with my grades and ACTs and SATs. So im gonna live it up this summer!



12 years

Today, I have officially lived in America for 12 years. It's really become my home also. I have grown and learned so much over these years and I know I would be a different person if i hadn't moved here. but im so so glad I did. My family's 12 year anniversary!





Arnold Schwarzenegger

Yesterday Arnold Schwarzenegger came to our school. It was crazy. Everyone was screaming and taking pictures and crowding around. But because of the we got to miss 15 mins of math class. He came to talk to the administration about digital textbooks. That way we can cut costs on textbooks and we won’t have to carry them around. The only problem is that not everyone owns a computer, so it's slightly difficult. But I would appreciate it.

昨日Arnold Schwarzeneggerは学校にきた。すごかった。みんなさけんで、シャシンとって、あつまって。でも、そのおかげで、サンスウのじぎょうの15分をやすめた。学校のせんせいとかこうちょう先生にヂジタルのキョウカショのことをはなしにきた。そうすると、キョウカショのお金をサーブできるし、おもい本をもしあるかなくってもよくなる。でも、みんなはコンピュータをもってないから、たいへん。でも、るいかはそうしてくれるとらくになる。


Last Day of ASL

Today is my last day of ASL. We took our final and now its over. I feel like I learned so much in just one semester and I'm excited to be taking ASL 2 and learn more. I'm really glad I decided to take this class although it's hard at times, but so is every other language. It's really fascinating.



Best Friend's Birthday

For my best friend's birthday we went to Disneyland, rented a hotel, and then went to California Adventures the next day. It was one of the best weekends of my life. I had so much fun!!

るいかの友達のタンジョウ日にDisneylandに行って、ホテルにとまって、つぎの日に、California Adventuresに行った。すっごくいいシュウマツだっった。たのしかった。