Dance 2

I got on Dance 2 at my school!!!!! It was a 3 day audition process. 2 days we learned the routine and then on the 3rd day we performed them for the judges. But I'm so happy and I can't wait to do a lot of dancing next year.

学校のDance 2にうかった!3日のアウヂションだっは。2日はダンスとかをならって、3にちにジャッジのメウにおどったの。すっごくらいねんにたのしみ!


Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! I had a 4 day weekend because the teachers had a meeting on Friday so they gave us the day off. It was really relaxing, especially because I was sick so now I'm all better. But right now, I have soooo much hw. I keep putting things off to the last min, which is probably a habit I should break, but I'm paying off the price right now.

Whenever I think of Memorial Day I think of my favorite quote from the movie RENT:
"The opposite of war isn't peace, it's CREATION." :)







Topanga Days

Today I went to Topanga Days. It's basically a hippie festival in Topanga Canyon. I had such an amazing time. My friends got hennas, there was amazing lemonade, live performances, and many many people. I love outdoor fairs with many friendly people, especially on sunny days like these :)



Today during dance class, Elizabeth Berkley came and shared with us her Ask-Elizabeth program. We all sat in a big circle and wrote down anonymous questions we had regarding things like family, boys, body image, beauty, friendship, health, etc. She put them all in a little box and randomly choose questions that we as a group discussed and tried to help the anonymous writer of the question. I know that as I was going through this program, other people's questions not only affected them, but also myself. And we also kept getting similar questions over and over again, and it just makes you understand that everyone goes through things and you aren't alone. I think that's reassuring to many people. She created this program to set a positive impact on young girls and to help deal with the pressures and confusion of this time in a girls life. I really believe this is a good cause.



Driving Lesson

I took my first driving lesson a few days ago and I've been driving with my mom since. It's probably the scariest thing ever. I have had a few people honk at me and almost ran into some. But I really can't wait to get used to the road and get my license :)



Mother's Day

Today, in the morning, me and my mom and dad went to the flower market and bought a bunch of beautiful flowers. Then my dad made her dinner and i made her dessert. When we were making dinner, we had some difficulties and realized how hard it is to be a mother and all the work she puts in. We wouldn't be able to function without her. So THANK YOU!!!! Love you.





Happy cinco de mayo!!! Today is the day of Mexico's independence. Everyone in spanish class has been bringing food and tortillas because their teacher is gonna make them casadillas yumm.



I GOT MY PERMITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):)
I just came back from the dmv. I'm sooo friggin happy. I'm actually 5 months late for my permit but at least now I have it and I can hopefully get my license in November! yayyyy!