Every 15 mins

There was a 2 day program at my school called Every 15 Minutes. It is to spread awareness about the dangers of drunk driving and also the importance of being alert at all times while driving. "Every 15 minutes someone dies as the result of an alcohol related collision." The first day the choose random people from our school that "dies." Over the intercom they announced the person and the reason for their death whether it was getting hit by a driver that was drunk, texting, or whatever. Then all the people that died got pulled out of class and they were face painted in black and walked around school and no one was allowed to talk to them. It was in order to experience life without those people. It was really a shock to everyone. Even though it wasnt real, hearing someones name on the intercom that you love and care for and hearing that they died.. They also demonstrated a staged car crash and what happens. On the second day there was a fake funeral for the people that died. Their families came and they read each other letters about how they died today and what they never got a chance to say. It was awful. Every single person in that room was hysterically crying. We were even passing around tissues. Hearing children write letters to their parents and parents writing death letters to their sons or daughters was so extremely hard to take.
Of course this program helped me to understand the dangers of distracted or not alert driving, but it also helped to understand how much I need to treasure my life and the life of others. Ya there are days when I don't want to talk to my parents because of a bad day or whatever, but I have the leisure to assume that I will se them again tomorrow. But theres no guarantee in life, ever. So i really need to make every day as its last. So I dont regret anything if something like that were ever to happen to me or my family or friends. Life is so precious.

学校でEvery 15 Minutesって言う二日のプログラッムはきたの。ヨッパライ運転のあぶなさをおしえてくれたの。アメリカには15分で人りはヨッパライ運転でしんでるの。さいしょの日は30人ぐかいいっつも15分にインターコムでヨッパライかきよつけてない運転で死んだって言った。その子たちはクラスから出て顔を白と黒にペイントして学校をあるいてた。じぶんのクラスも行って、だあれもしゃっべちゃいけなかった。その子たちはいないセイカツをあじわてみつために。ほんとに死んでなくっても、みんなナイテタ。じぶんの大好きな友達とかはシンダってインターコムから聞くのはたいへんだった。だれは死ぬかはヒミツだったから、みんなショックだった。そして、ステイジされた車のジコをみせてくれた。二日めはシンダ人のオソウシキだった。その子たちの家族はきて、今日はシンデ言い忘れたこをテガミにかいてよんでた。すっごくかなしかった。みんなそのオソウシキにきたこはナイテた。チシュをくばってたもん。子供はお母さんとお父さんにテガミをよんで、お父さんかお母さんはじぶんの子供に言い忘れたことを聞くのは、とってもむずかしかった。
ヨッパライ運転だけじゃなきってメールとかネムリ運転も。Every 15 minutesはそのあぶなさをもちろんおしえてくれたけど、じぶんとちがう人のジンセイのたいせつさをおしえてくれた。るいかも、わるい日あってあ〜ちゃんとトシにはなしたくないときもあるけど、いっつも”明日がある”って思うからやるの。でも、じんせいにはキマリはない。一日、一日を大切にしないと。日本はあんまりこおゆうはなしはないけど、アメリカはとってもおおいから、るいかも友達もあ〜ちゃんとトシももっちろんなるカノウセイはある。なんにも言い忘れないように、くらしてかないと。人のいのちはたいせつだもんね。



Music is my love, my escape, my remedy. I've been having a really bad week and I feel like everything is going wrong. And its nice to just listen to a song that has lyrics that relate to how I'm feeling. It makes me feel like I'm not alone. Or when I'm happy and I listen to a happy song, it just makes me extra happy. It influences my moods so much. And singing just makes me happy too. I am so thankful, I cant say it enough.



St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's day!!!!! I hope everyone remembered to wear green so they don't get pinched! I actually saw a rainbow in a cloud today. It was beautiful. Its funny how the littest things can bring such joy to someone's life :)

St. Patrick's Day おめでとう!みんなミドリをきるのわすれなかった?つねられたくないからね。今日クモの中にニジを見たよ。きれいだった。どんなにチイサナことでも、人にしあわせをあげられるのはすごいね。



Today was a really busy day. I took the SATs for the first time (which was extremely hard for me), then dance, and I had VICE (a school dance). But I had a lot of fun. As much as I love wearing comfy clothes, its fun dressing up once in a while and feeling pretty. It was a really fun night and seeing everyone was just amazing. I'm really thankful that I had this opportunity.